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Patched Servers Remain Vulnerable to Heartbleed OpenSSL

If an attacker has already exploited the Heartbleed bug to steal your SSL private keys they can continue to decrypt all past and future traffic even after the vulnerability has been patched. A security vulnerability in OpenSSL called the Heartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0160) has been found. This vulnerability has been open for exploit for about 2 years but was only recently […]

Raspberry Pi Safe Overclocking

Disclaimer: My recommendations are based on testing done with various configurations on two Raspberry Pi Model B version 2 boards. Both run Arch Linux ARM 24/7 without issue. Be warned, as with most hardware and software modifications, individual results may vary. For the last month or two I’ve been playing around with overclocking my Raspberry […]

Download Arch Linux Raspberry Pi WiFi Access Point Image

Download the latest image: Change log 01-26-2014 – Config changes to address issue of random network drops that required reboot for reconnection. 01-25-2014 – Overclocking improvements. Please see the /boot/config.txt file for more aggressive overclocking options. 01-24-2014 – Stripped down and optimized Arch OS even more. Boots in less than 10 seconds. 01-23-2014 – […]

Gedit replacement – medit

If you are not using Gnome then you are probably looking for a good Gedit replacement. Have a look at medit text editor! I’m using xfce4 desktop manager and without gnome, gedit (GNOME text editor) doesn’t display correctly. In fact it’s pretty ugly. Simply remove gedit and replace with medit (pictured below). Also check out Sublime Text […]

CES 2014 – Biggest CES Ever!

CEA announced yesterday that the 2014 CES wrapped up as the largest in show history! A record two million net square feet of exhibit space housing more than 3,200 exhibitors. CES was truly the global gathering place for anyone involved in the business of consumer technologies with more than 150,000 industry professionals in attendance, including […]

What to buy, Raspberry Pi

Today I ordered my Raspberry Pi (Model B revision 2). If you haven’t purchased yours, or only have the computer board, then you probably realize there are loads of brands to choose from for the required accessories needed to get started. I’ve spend my entire Sunday reading, watching and researching to ensure that I don’t […]

Choosing the Best Linux Distro for “you”

Searching for the best Linux distro (distribution)? This article will probably only be useful to those who don’t know what /etc/fstab is used for. Second, this post does not cover Linux server distributions but instead covers desktop Linux. What better way to increase your familiarity with Linux servers, than running Linux on your laptop and/or workstation. Best […]

How to Kill Inactive SSH Sessions

So you’ve been disconnected from your server which resulted in an idle user session. You know this because when you used the “w” command, you see something like the following: There are a few ways to kill idle sessions. Including editing you sshd_config. But here’s an easy after-the-fact method: Run this command: the output will look […]