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Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Today is the 15th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day (Sysadmin Day). Many reading this are probably hearing about it for the first time. Its ironic though that as of writing this, the official Sysadmin Day website is offline with the error message “Error establishing a database connection”. This is most likely because they needed to increase MySQL’s (the database) […]

Download LEMP for Raspberry Pi: Nginx + MariaDB (MySQL) + PHP

Download latest image: Change log 07-16-2014 – After today’s changes RAM usage on first boot is down to <100mb. 07-16-2014 – Set most logs to save to memory instead of SD card. (up to 10M or 1 day max) 07-16-2014 – Reduced system log level from “info” to “warning”. Reduce SD contention. 07-16-2014 – Uninstalled ntpd daemon. Replaced […]

Best WordPress Cache Plugin: WP-FFPC

Are you already using a WordPress Cache Plugin? I’ve tried many WordPress caching plugins on 100′s of blogs over the years and after much testing, I’m able to narrow down the options to what I think are the best 5 WordPress Cache Plugins. …and the Best WordPress Cache Plugin is! Ok, ok, so the title of this article already gave that […]

MySQL Query Cache Size and Performance

One of the most misconfigured MySQL performance features, is the query cache. Just last week I was optimizing a web server with 32 gigabytes of RAM where the existing config had MySQL’s query cache size set to 4 gigabytes. The thought behind it seemed to be that more is better and that since the server had free RAM available, setting […]