Replacing Getty with Ngetty on Debian

This is useful especially for tiny VPS servers with less than 1GB of RAM. In which case every MB counts! Ngetty is a single-process getty replacement, so instead of running 6 getty processes consuming up to 3MB of RAM each, you can use a single ngetty process using less than 1MB of RAM total. Saving valuable RAM.

First login to your Debian box and run the following command:

Once installed, edit /etc/inittab. The end of it should be edited to look like this:

So basically this line (ng:2345:respawn:/sbin/ngetty 1 2 3 4 5 6) replaces six getty lines.

I was stripping down a Debian 7 server for a client and part of the process follows these steps here. I noticed no instructions for replacing getty with ngetty on that Debian page, so hopefully this helps someone as its quite a simple task.

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Replacing Getty with Ngetty on Debian

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