What to buy, Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi Model B

Today I ordered my Raspberry Pi (Model B revision 2). If you haven’t purchased yours, or only have the computer board, then you probably realize there are loads of brands to choose from for the required accessories needed to get started. I’ve spend my entire Sunday reading, watching and researching to ensure that I don’t waste time having to buy the same accessories twice. In this blog post I’ll try my very best to guide you to what I believe are some of the best quality Raspberry Pi accessories. Its useful to try to shop for all items from one store. I used Amazon.com but there are no affiliate links used in this post.

Power adapter

I wanted to find a dual port USB power supply that had a minimum of 2000mA output per port, one that had many positive reviews and a bang for the buck. After a day of searching, comparing and elimination other options, I decided to go with the iXCC Dual USB 20W 2.1A (2100mA) High Capacity Wall Power Adapter. This thing is a beast, its well built, outputs as advertised and easy to travel with. You can also pick this up from their company website 8likes.com.

Raspberry Pi power supply

High performance SD card

There are a lot of Raspberry starter kits being sold around the web but I’ve found that the vast majority of them  include class 4 SD cards. But if you are interested in performance you’ll want to go with class 10. For all out speed I went with SanDisk Extreme Pro and I also have a few super-fast Samsung SDHC cards and micoSD to SDHC the Transcend’s 32GB MicroSDHC Class10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter. If you plan on messing around with multiple Linux distros on your RPi then make sure to have 5 to 10 SD cards so you can swap between cards without having to reformat to try new stuff.

Raspberry Pi Class 10 SD card

Network Cable

The fact that your RPi comes with not one, but two usb ports, may seem cool at first but soon you’ll realize 2 ports aren’t very much. To help free up a spare port buy some cat 5 networking cable. This way when you need an extra port you can use it instead of using a mini WiFi USB dongle. Less of the “cool” factor but more practical.

….This article is a work in progress. I just have not had the free time to list all my purchases for the RPI. Check back soon and/or subscribe for an update.

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