10 Thoughts From My World To Yours

…I’ve decided to publish 10 entries from my journal. These and many others are my guiding thoughts which I try to apply daily:

— “As gold is refined, so a wise person uses the extreme heat of trials to identify their own impurities and attempt to remove them.”

— “Remember, the most confusing persons in our lives are often those we love most,
and those we love most are often just as confused about us.”

— “If you never try new things or paths in life, they become the past and don’t really matter.
Well, that is, as long as it doesn’t bother you that you’ll just never know!”

— “Not every saying of a friend is true,
but a true friend believes every saying.”

— “Always smile on the outside even when you’re torn inside,
for only God sees the inside and it’s no one else’s business!”

— “Never accept others making life’s choices for you,
because they won’t suffer or enjoy the consequences.”

— “It’s not wise to think people can’t change.
How long has God been waiting on you?”

— “Give today without reason to the ones you love,
for the ones you love may without reason die tomorrow.”

— “When too many words are said in anger, with each word we distance ourselves, from ourselves.”

——————————    ——————————     ——————————