10 Thoughts From My World To Yours

…I’ve decided to publish 10 entries from my journal. These and many others are my guiding thoughts which I try to apply daily:

— “As gold is refined,
so a wise person uses the extreme heat of trials to identify their own impurities and attempt to remove them.”

— “Remember, the most confusing persons in our lives are often those we love most,
and those we love most are often just as confused about us.”

— “If you never try new things in life, they become the past and don’t really matter.
Well, that is, as long as it doesn’t bother you that you’ll just never know!”

— “Always smile on the outside even when you’re torn inside,
for only God sees the inside and it’s no one else’s business!”

— “Never accept others making life’s choices for you,
because they won’t suffer the consequences.”

— “Give today without reason to the ones you love,
for the ones you love may without reason die tomorrow.”

— “When too many words are said in anger,
with each word we distance ourselves, from ourselves.”

——————————    ——————————     ——————————