When To Use Amazon EC2 t1.Micro Instances

Update Aug 11th 2017: The t1.micro is a previous generation instance and it has been replaced by the t2.micro, which has a better performance profile. See T2 Instances. Lets take a look at how Amazon EC2 t1.micro instances work so that we can understand when to use them. By the end of reading this you should have a clear view of the […]

Now Ranked in the Top 100 of Elance’s 200,000 Contractors

My current rank on Elance is now 82 out of 205,230 individual contractors. Over the past year I’ve been shifting more and more of my work to Elance where over 40% of my clients are repeat/long-term. Elance, has proven to be an unmatched service for connecting with individuals and companies that I would otherwise have no […]