Raspberry Pi Safe Overclocking

UPDATE: Click here for Raspberry Pi 2 Overclocking  Disclaimer: My recommendations are based on testing done with various configurations on two Raspberry Pi Model B version 2 boards. Both run Arch Linux ARM 24/7 without issue. Be warned, as with most hardware and software modifications, individual results may vary. For the last month or two […]

Official ArchWipi – Download Arch Linux Raspberry Pi WiFi Access Point

` Download the latest image: https://sourceforge.net/projects/archwipi/files/latest/download   Change log 03-22-2015 – Added Raspberry Pi 2 support. 07-17-2014 – Stripped down and optimized Arch Linux even more. 07-17-2014 – Due to popular demand, I’ve extended partition. There’s now 700MB of free disk vs 90MB previously. 07-17-2014 – 138 Packages updated using pacman -Syu. 07-17-2014 – Now Model B+ compatible. Also, […]

Gedit replacement – medit

If you are looking for a good Gedit alternativre. Have a look at medit text editor as replacement for Gedit! I’m using xfce4 desktop manager and without gnome, gedit (GNOME text editor) doesn’t display correctly. In fact it’s pretty ugly. Simply remove gedit and replace with medit (pictured below). Also check out Sublime Text as a good alternative. […]