2100 HDD0 initialization error 1

I’ve noticed an issue on a few IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads. When you install an SSD drive, a reboot or restart from the OS does not work. When you reboot, instead opening the boot partition, it throws this error: 2100 HDD0 initialization error 1 Other than avoiding reboot and using shutdown instead, the only solution I’ve found is […]

Zorin Linux – As a Windows XP Replacement

You’ve probably heard about or been affected by the retirement of Windows XP support on April 8, 2014. This wasn’t Microsoft’s first attempt to retire XP. Its just that with so many customers using it, they were putting off the inevitable for quite some time. But THIS time Windows XP is indeed now unsupported. XP was the best of Microsoft’s […]

How to install NginxCP on CloudLinux (cPanel)

While working with cPanel on CentOS and RedHat over the years I’ve read good things about Cloudlinux. However, I never played around with it and decided that this week I would take a look. NginxCP is a very common solution for admins looking to get the most throughput from web apps running on cPanel based […]