50 Top Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Solutions

August 6th 2017 Update: This list now contains 70 Top Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Solutions.

Back in 2014, I compiled a list of the top 20 server performance monitoring solutions. Largely because I already had a list saved locally for my own reference. Sharing that list publicly was a great way to gain feedback and recommendations on other tools available. In fact, most of the companies listed below were not included in my initial top 20 list. Most are from suggestions in the comments section of that blog post and email submissions. See for yourself. That said, most deserved to make that original list. Now, I’ve created this updated list with the 50 Top Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Solutions.

Although I use almost dozen of these tools, I won’t make any specific recommendations, because the intention of this list is that you investigate and find your best set of tools from these bunch of winners. I will say however, that some, such as SolarWinds, Munin, MRTG, Cacti, Nagios, etc., I’ve used at some point over the past decade. Chances are, if you are reading this, you’re probably already familiar with some of these.

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Again, my hope here is that this list serves to be both a useful and time saving page which we can all fall back on. Listed in alphabetical order…

5̶0̶ 70 Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring Solutions

1. AdRem NetCrunch – Network Monitoring System

AdRem NetCrunch - Network Monitoring System

NetCrunch combines the monitoring of network infrastructure devices like: switches, routers and printers with the monitoring of servers, applications and virtualization hosts.

Cost: Get a quote.


2. Anturis – Cloud-based Monitoring Service for Servers and Websites, IT Infrastructure Monitoring


Anturis is a cloud-based (SaaS) monitoring platform built for both external monitoring of company web services and internal monitoring of IT infrastructure, such as servers and applications. The team is backed by a seasoned IT experts and software engineers who have all worked for leading global IT companies and startups including Parallels, Kaspersky Lab, Amdocs, Atempo, K7 Cloud, and jNetX.

Cost: Free plan, or from $9.50 monthly.


3. AppDynamics – Application Performance Management (APM) & Server Monitoring

appdynamicsAppDynamics is the next generation application performance management & monitoring solutions that simplifies the management of complex, business-critical apps. AppDynamics customers include DIRECTV, AMICA Insurance, Hotels.com, StubHub, Staples, Insight Technologies, and Cornell University.

Cost: Free 14 day Trial, then from $230 monthly.


4. TraceView (previously AppNeta) – Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Management TraceView

Traceview provides full-stack application insight, comprehensive end-user monitoring and 360-degree network performance insight to assure exceptional end-user experience and the successful delivery of business-critical applications. Providing thousands of customers worldwide with easy-to-use, cost-effective performance management services, Traceview solutions are bridging the divide between applications and networks, and the IT organizations managing them.

Cost: $39.50/host/month



5. Bluestripe – Application Management for IT Operations (Acquired by Microsoft)

Microsoft Operations Management Suite

BlueStripe Software (acquired by Microsoft) provides the next generation of transaction performance management solutions. BlueStripe’s flagship product, FactFinder, is the first management tool to monitor transactions and applications together with the underlying infrastructure, enabling IT Operations to know when transactions get stuck, where they get stuck, and why.

Cost: Contact them.


6. BMC TrueSighe Pluse (Formaly Boundary) – Server & Application Monitoring for DevOps

Solution BMC TrueSight Pulse Boundary

Boundary is Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring. Requires zero change to the application, is agnostic across languages and infrastructures, sits on every VM, collects massive amounts of performance data, consolidates data from other sources and puts it all in context with its unique, real-time application map.

Cost: Free 14 day trial, then from $12.25 monthly


7. Cacti – The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution

Cacti The Complete RRDTool based Graphing Solution

Cacti is an open-source, web-based network monitoring and graphing tool designed as a front-end application for the open-source, industry-standard data logging tool RRDtool. Cacti allows a user to poll services at predetermined intervals and graph the resulting data. It is generally used to graph time-series data of metrics such as CPU load and network bandwidth utilization. A common usage is to monitor network traffic by polling a network switch or router interface via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Cost: Free open-source.


8. CA Technologies – Business Rewritten by Software



CA, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, marketing, licensing, and support of information technology (IT) management software products that operate on a range of hardware platforms and operating systems. The company has a portfolio of software products and services that address its customers’ needs for mainframe and distributed environments, spanning IT governance, IT management, and IT security. It focuses on various areas that include infrastructure management, project and portfolio management, security management, service management, application performance management, and data center automation and virtualization.

Cost: Have them contact you.


9. Check MK – IT Monitoring


Check_MK is an extension to the Nagios monitoring system that allows creating rule-based configuration using Python and offloading work from the Nagios core to make it scale better, allowing more systems to be monitored from a single Nagios server.It comes with a set of system checks, a mod_python and JavaScript based web user interface, and a module that allows fast access to the Nagios core. On top of Nagios it also adds additional features.

Cost: Free open-source or enterprise edition.


10. Cisco Cloud Consumption Service

Cloud Solutions Cisco Cloud Consumption Service Cisco

Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service discovers what cloud services you’re using and protects your organization by reducing risks and costs. You’ll gain a clear understanding of your organization’s cloud usage, allowing you to better meet the demands of your employees and predict future cloud needs.

Cost: Request a free quote.


11. Coscale – Full Stack Performance Monitoring

CoScale Full Stack Performance Monitoring

Stay in control of the performance of your complex web-scale applications and dynamic microservice environments, generating many thousands of metrics per second. CoScale’s monitoring platform is optimized for large production environments, with lightweight non-instrusive server and application instrumentation, and streaming analytics to handle the large ingest of data.

Cost: Free Trial, then from €50 monthly.


12. CopperEgg (Idera – Uptime Cloud Monitor) – IT Infrastructure Monitoring
CopperEggServer Monitoring and Website Monitoring for cloud infrastructure by CopperEgg (Aquired by Idera). CopperEgg provides simple, unified, smart, and fast insight into your AWS cloud servers (EC2), websites, web applications, and services to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues in a single pane of glass. The CopperEgg unified dashboard updates every few seconds (not minutes) and reveals details that help uncover previously hidden information, like CPU Steal, and resolve problems before they arise.

Cost: Free Trial, then from $70 monthly.


13. Count.ly – mobile analytics platform.

CountlyCountly is an innovative, real-time mobile analytics application. It collects data from mobile phones, and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage and end-user behavior.

Cost: Free Trial, then from $125 monthly.


14. Datadog – Cloud Monitoring as a Service.


Datadog is a monitoring service that brings together metrics and events from servers, databases, applications, tools and services to present a unified view of the infrastructure. These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based data analytics platform that enables Dev and Ops teams to work collaboratively on the infrastructure to avoid downtime, resolve performance problems and ensure that development and deployment cycles finish on time.

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Cost: Free plan, or from $15 monthly.


15. Dynatrace – Applicationn Performance Management.

DynatraceDynaTrace is an innovator and emerging leader in APM. The offer the only continuous APM system on the market, one that delivers a proactive approach to application performance that reduces the time to repair problems by 90% and eliminates the huge amounts of resources currently spent resolving performance issues. 4.

Cost: 30 day Free Trial. Then ask for pricing.


16. Gear5 – Website-performance monitoring and alerting system



Measure the load times and speed of your website as experienced by real users. Use performance data gathered directly from your users’ browsers to evaluate and improve the performance of your website.

Cost: Free plan, or from $15.91 monthly.


17. Happy Apps – Uptime Monitoring Simplified

Uptime Monitoring Simplified Happy Apps

Setup and monitor a wide variety of checks within seconds that include website, ping, socket, databases, messaging queues, application servers, to custom checks.

Cost: Free forever plan or paid plans starting at $9.95 monthly


18. Host Tracker – Website uptime monitoring service

Host tracker

Instant down alerts (SMS, Email, Gtalk, Voice call, Skype), HTTP/HTTPS, PING, SMTP, SNMP, TCP port tests, Check domain/ip for presence in DNS black lists, Distributed monitoring (70+ locations), Detailed stats & reports(Pdf/Xml/Csv), Checks keywords on the page, Response time monitoring, Database monitoring, Instant website check, REST&SOAP API, Monitoring CPU, RAM, HDD load, Monitoring domain, certificate expiration.

Cost: Free plan available or from $5 monthly.


19. IBM – Application Performance Management

IBM Application Performance Management APM

IBM SmartCloud Monitoring can help you manage the performance and availability of your virtual environments.

Cost: Various paid solutions available.


20. Icinga – Open Source Monitoring

IcingaIcinga 2 is a network monitoring system and parallel development branch to Icinga 1. It is a core framework replacement (no GUI) that seeks build on the success of Icinga 1 and deal with shortcomings inherited from Nagios as a fork. Icinga is Nagios compatible.

Cost: Free and open source


21. Instrumental – Free developer accounts for application and server monitoring.

Instrumental monitoring

Instrumental provides automatic data collection, real-time visualizations, and intelligent alerts across your application and servers. The query language lets you to transform, aggregate and time-shift data – in real-time. Instrumental’s extreme scale, over a million datapoints processed every second, insures we can handle as much data you want to send. And all signups include a free developer account for up to 500 metrics so you can get fully setup before paying a dime.

Cost: Free for up to 500 metrics, then $0.10/month per metric


22. ITRS – real-time analytics & performance monitoring.


ITRS Geneos provides real-time visibility of the performance of your technology. ITRS Insights provides big data storage and real-time analytics on your streams of data. Monitoring your applications, processes and infrastructure for instant visibility of the performance of the technology driving your business.

Cost: Contact for pricing


23. LogicMonitor – hosted monitoring of networks, servers, applications, storage & cloud.

LogicMonitor provides SaaS-based data center monitoring of physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures. The software provides performance monitoring, historical trending, reporting, and email/SMS alerting to proactively warn IT staff of potential issues before they cause business interruptions. LogicMonitor provides pre-configured out-of-the-box monitoring for most vendors of switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, servers, applications, databases, VoIP systems, and storage from a single web-based console.

Cost: Free 14 day trial, then from $249 per month.


24. Manageengine Opmanager – Network Monitoring & Management Software.


ManageEngine is an innovative producer of Enterprise IT Management Software, offering high-end functionality of large network management frameworks at cost-effective prices to enterprises world-wide. Serving more than 45,000 Customers Worldwide, including 3 out of every 5 Fortune 500 companies.

Cost: Free 30 day trial, then from $2000+.


25. Monit – Easy, proactive monitoring. (Thanks Dan!)


Monit is a small Open Source utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations.

Cost: Free and open source.


26. Monitis – Network & IT Systems Monitoring

Network IT Systems Monitoring – Monitis

Monitis was founded in 2006 and created to provide business executives, IT specialists and service providers with an all-in-one cloud-based monitoring product. The company maintains offices in the US, Germany and Armenia. Monitis is a cloud-based solution, meaning there is virtually nothing to download for most functionalities. Some services require the installation of an agent or integration of some code into the website, etc., but it takes minimal effort and can typically be completed within minutes.

Cost: Built-a-plan.


27. MRTG – Multi Router Traffic Grapher

MRTG Tobi Oetiker s MRTG The Multi Router Traffic Grapher

MRTG uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to send requests with two object identifiers (OIDs) to a device. The device, which must be SNMP-enabled, will have a management information base (MIB) to look up the OIDs specified. After collecting the information it will send back the raw data encapsulated in an SNMP protocol. MRTG records this data in a log on the client along with previously recorded data for the device. The software then creates an HTML document from the logs, containing a list of graphs detailing traffic for the selected devices in the server. Alternatively, MRTG can be configured to run a script or command, and parse its output for counter values. The MRTG website contains a large library of external scripts to enable monitoring of SQL database statistics, firewall rules, CPU fan RPMs, or virtually any integer-value data.

Cost: Free GNU GPL


 28. Munin – System monitoring, network monitoring and infrastructure monitoring software application.

MuninMunin is a networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends and “what just happened to kill our performance?” problems. It is designed to be very plug and play. A default installation provides a lot of graphs with almost no work.

Cost: Free and open-source


29. Nagios – IT Infrastructure Monitoring And Alerting


Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes. Designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, Nagios gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your organization’s business processes won’t be affected by unknown outages.

Cost: Free for Nagios Core


30. New Relic – Application Performance Management & Monitoring


New Relic offers SaaS Software Analytics Platform that offers Application Performance Management and Real User Monitoring for Cloud and Data Center deployed web applications implemented in Ruby, Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Node.js. New Relic also offers mobile monitoring solutions for iOS and Android applications.

Cost: Free plan, then from $149 per month.


31. Observium – Network Observation and Monitoring System (NOMS)


Observium is a Network Observation and Monitoring System (NOMS) which collects data from devices using SNMP and presents it via a web interface. It is based on the PHP programming language and the MySQLdatabase, and makes heavy use of the RRDtool package. Observium has a number of simple core design goals driving its development: minimum interaction, maximum automation and maximum accessibility of information. These design goals have resulted in a slightly unconventional monitoring system with almost no individually customisable settings per device, and where almost everything that can be monitored is automatically discovered.

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Cost: Free plan or £150 per year.


32. op5 – Open Source Network Monitoring & Server Monitoring

op5 Open Source Network Monitoring & Server Monitoring

op5 Monitor is a software product for server, Network monitoring and management based on the open source Project Nagios, is further developed and supported by op5 AB. op5 Monitor displays the status, health and performance of the IT network being monitored and has an integrated log server, op5 Logger. The company sells downloadable software that monitor, visualize and troubleshoot IT environments and collect information both from hardware, software, virtual and/or cloud based services.

Cost: Free license or contact for pricing.


33. OpenNMS – Free and open-source network monitoring and management.


OpenNMS is a free and open-source enterprise grade network monitoring and network management platform. It is developed and supported by a community of user and developers as well as by the The OpenNMS Group, offering commercial services, training and support. The goal is for OpenNMS to be a truly distributed, scalable management application platform for all aspects of the FCAPS network management model while remaining 100% free and open source. Currently the focus is on Fault and Performance Management. All code associated with the project is available under the Affero General Public License.

Cost: Free open-source (Or see: opennms.com)


34. Oracle Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring Service Oracle Cloud

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service provides development and operations teams with the information that they need to find and fix application issues fast. All your end-user and application performance information (with associated application logs) are brought together into Oracle Management Cloud’s secure, unified big data platform.

Cost: Starts at $250 | Start a Free Trial


35. Pandora FMS (Flexible Monitoring System)

Pandora FMS Community

Pandora FMS (for Pandora Flexible Monitoring System) is software for monitoring computer networks. Pandora FMS allows monitoring in a visual way the status and performance of several parameters from different operating systems, servers, applications and hardware systems such as firewalls, proxies, databases, web servers or routers. It features remote monitoring (WMI, SNMP, TCP. UDP, ICMP, HTTP…) and it can also use agents. An agent is available for each platform. It can also monitor hardware systems with a TCP/IP stack, such as load balancers, routers, network switches, printers or firewalls.

Cost: Free open-source (or see: pandorafms.com)


36. Panopta – Uptime Monitoring Software for IT Systems Management

Panopta - Uptime Monitoring Software for IT Systems Management

Panopta provides an advanced server and network monitoring service and outage management system for online businesses and service providers that goes beyond basic monitoring to give operations teams the tools they need to minimize the impact of outages to their online business.

Cost: 30 day free trial, Solutions start at $19.95 per month.


37. PA Server Monitor – server monitoring and network monitoring.

Linux Server Monitoring Tools Power Admin

PA Server Monitor is a server monitoring and network monitoring software application, developed by Power Admin LLC. The main function of the software is to monitor performance of servers and network devices in Windows and Linux environments. Data is kept on customers servers, not stored in the cloud. An agentless monitoring software to watch ping, CPU, memory, disk, SNMP + traps, events, with available historical reports. Apps are available for iOS and Android.

Cost: Free trial or from $49 monthly.


38. Pingdom – website performance monitoring.

Pingdom Website Monitoring Made Easy

Pingdom is a service that tracks the uptime, downtime, and performance of websites. Based in Sweden, Pingdom monitors websites from multiple locations globally so that it can distinguish genuine downtime from routing and access problems.

Cost: 14 day Free trial or from $14.95 per month.


39. PRTG – Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor Powerful Network Monitoring Software

Paessler Router Traffic Grapher is a server up-time and utilization, network monitoring and bandwidth usage software package for server infrastructure from Paessler AG. It can monitor and classify bandwidth usage in a network using SNMP, Packet Sniffing and Netflow. It services Microsoft Windows as well as Linux.

Cost: Free forever plan or from $1,600 with free 30 day trial. (Also see their freeware)


40. Riverbed – IT performance company


Riverbed Technology, Inc. (Riverbed) has developed enterprise level solutions to the fundamental problems associated with information technology (IT) performance across wide area networks (WANs).

Cost: Contact a sales rep.


41. Pingdom Server Monitor (previously Scoutapp – Hosted Server Monitoring)

Server Monitoring Pingdom Server Monitor

Flexible charts and alerting, deploy in five minute or less, 60+ monitoring plugins, and no ugly configuration syntax to memorize (do it all via our web UI).

Cost: 30 day free trial, then from $10 per server monthly.


42. Sealion – Server monitoring

SeaLion Server monitoring

SeaLion is a cloud based system monitoring tool for Linux servers. Getting started is as easy as executing a command. It installs an agent at /usr/local/sealion-agent and runs as an unprivileged user (sealion). This agent will collect data at regular intervals across servers and this data will be available on your Sealion workspace.

Cost: Free trial or from $8 a month.


43. Sematext – Performance Monitoring, Alerting & Anomaly Detection.

SPM Performance Monitoring Alerting

SPM Performance Monitoring, Logsene Log Management & Analytics, Site Search Analytics, and several other search-related tools. Sematext’s software products are modular, scalable, and available in the Cloud. Some products are also available in On Premise versions.

Cost: Free plan, or from $25 monthly.


44. Serverdensity – Server monitoring

Server Monitoring Built For Security And Scale Server Density

FreeBSD, Windows, OS X and Linux server monitoring with custom plugins. Bulletproof monitoring out of the box + endless ways to customize. Save time and effort with our simple, reliable server monitoring.

Cost: Free trial or $10 per month.


45. Sightline Systems – advanced reporting and analysis tools

Sightline Systems

Gain insight into your critical IT operations with Sightline’s advanced reporting and analysis tools. Collect and store the right data at the right time and use it gain a competitive edge. Sightline provides sophisticated, yet remarkably easy-to-use business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions that leverage time series data, predictive analysis, visualization, advanced alerting capability and more in real time to provide our customers with a higher level of insight than any other software company can. Customers that implement our solutions enhance efficiency, improve accuracy and increase profitability.

Cost: Contact for pricing.


46. Solarwinds – Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring


SolarWinds products are used by more than one million network engineers to manage IT environments ranging from ten to tens of thousands of network devices. Comprised of fault and performance management products, configuration and compliance products, and tools for engineers, the SolarWinds product family is trusted by organizations around the globe. SolarWinds was founded in 1999. and has headquarters in Austin, Texas, with sales and product development offices around the world.

Cost: Free 30 day Trial, then $2000+

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47. Stackify – Application Monitoring & performance for DevOps insight.


Stackify provides software developers, operations and support managers with an innovative cloud based platform that allows them to monitor and troubleshoot their cloud based applications and get DevOps visibility. Using Stackify businesses can easily detect and resolve application problems and ensure their customers’ satisfaction. The platform combine monitoring, errors, metrics, logs and secure remote access with the relevant context in one platform.

Cost: Free Trial, then from $15 monthly.


48. ThousandEyes – Network Monitoring Software

Network Monitoring Software ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that uses synthetic monitoring probes to measure performance. The product includes elements of network tomography for loss and latency, route analytics to visualize BGP advertisements, DNS monitoring,VoIP monitoring, and website monitoring for HTTP and HTTPS.

Cost: Free or paid plans starting at $149 per month.


49. WhatsUpGold – Network & Server Monitoring Software.


Know exactly how your IT environment is performing with network and server monitoring. Use active, passive, and performance monitoring techniques to monitor the performance, availability and status of your network, servers, and applications.

Cost: Free 30 day trial, then from $1,755.


50. Outlyer – Cloud Scale Infrastructure Monitoring designed for customization

Outlyer Cloud Scale Infrastructure Monitoring designed for customization


Outlyer is a self-service infrastructure monitoring platform made for DevOps and microservices. They monitor your full stack—from servers and cloud providers to databases, containers and custom metrics. They provide dashboards, analytics and alerts that are easy to set up and customize for both developer and operations teams.

Cost: Free 14 day trial then $15 / agent / month for up to 100 agents.


Update August 6th 2017: Thanks for the following suggestions via the comments section below….

51. Capasystems – Performance Monitoring, Identify Troublemaker


CapaSystems is a Danish software development company and consultancy. Since 1996 they’ve been dedicated to delivering software solutions that provide our customers with better overview and improved end-user quality.

Cost: Request a demo


52. loadview-testing.com – Load Testing Website Performance Tools LoadView

Load Testing Website Performance Tools LoadView

Cost: On demand – loadview-testing.com/pricing/


53. Sysdig.com – Docker Monitoring Kubernetes Monitoring more Sysdig

Docker Monitoring Kubernetes Monitoring more Sysdig

Sysdig is the container visibility company, dedicated to making containers viable and mainstream by offering production-quality visibility into containerized applications, without sacrificing any of the benefits that make containers great.

Cost: Free trial, then starts at $25 month-to-month.


54. Prometheus.io – Prometheus Monitoring system time series database

Prometheus Monitoring system time series database

Prometheus is an open-source service monitoring system and time series database.

Cost: Free open source


55. Sumologic.com – Log Management Analytics Continuous Intelligence Sumo Logic

Log Management Analytics Continuous Intelligence Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is the next generation log management and analytics company that leverages Big Data for real-time IT insights. The company’s cloud-based service provides customers with real-time interactive analytics at unprecedented petabyte scale.

Cost: Free up to 500MB / day or from $90 monthly.


56. netsil.com – Netsil Universal Observability and Monitoring for Modern Cloud Apps

Netsil Universal Observability and Monitoring for Modern Cloud Apps

Netsil provides observability and monitoring for modern cloud apps. DevOps teams use Netsil’s auto-discovered maps & analytics to assure uptime and performance.

Cost: Free up to 10 hosts, or from $35 monthly.


57. Zabbix – Enterprise-Class Open Source Distributed Monitoring Solution.


Zabbix is an enterprise open source monitoring solution for networks and applications, created by Alexei Vladishev. It is designed to monitor and track the status of various network services, servers, and other network hardware.

Cost: Free and open source.


58. UptimeRobot – Uptime monitor.

Uptime Robot

Monitors website uptime – not hardware or applications – but a great solution! UptimeRobot asks for your websites headers and gets status codes like “200-ok”, “404-not found”, etc. every 1 to 5 minutes depending on the monitor’s settings. If the status code is~400+ and 500+, then the site is not loading. In order to make sure the site is down, Uptime Robot makes several more checks in the next 30 seconds. If the site is still down, it sends an alert.

Cost: Free up to 50 monitors. Or from $5.50 per month.


59. Amazon Cloudwatch – Amazon CloudWatch Cloud Network Monitoring Services

Amazon CloudWatch Cloud Network Monitoring Services

Cost: Free Tier or varies.


60. HPE – Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE

Achieve Dramatic Gains in Data Center Efficiency. Optimize Your IT Operations.

Cost: Depends on the wide array of solutions.


61. Loom Systems – Loom Systems AI Log Analysis for All Your Applications

Loom Systems AI Log Analysis for All Your Applications

Loom delivers an advanced AI-powered analytics platform to predict and prevent problems in the digital business. Loom stands alone in the industry as an AI platform requiring no prior math knowledge from its users, leveraging your existing staff to succeed in the digital era.

Cost: From $999 monthly.


62. Mieldtech – Mield Technologies Preferred IT Management software

Mield Technologies Preferred IT Management software which monitors IT application systems from backend for downtime prevention and offers IT Dashboard knowledge management and other features

Mield Technologies was founded by professionals who worked in the software/system maintenance industry for over 15 years. The idea behind this product is to address some major pain points in running IT systems in many companies. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small and medium enterprise (SME) or an international enterprise.

Cost: From $5000 monthly.


63. plumbr.eu – Plumbr User Experience Application Performance Monitoring

Plumbr User Experience Application Performance Monitoring

Plumbr makes Java applications faster and more reliable.

Cost: Free trial, then $299 monthly.


64. RRDtool – OpenSource industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing.


RRDtool is the OpenSource industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data. RRDtool can be easily integrated in shell scripts, perl, python, ruby, lua or tcl applications.

Cost: Free open source.


65. RHQ – RHQ is an enterprise management solution for JBoss middleware projects


RHQ is an enterprise management solution for JBoss middleware projects, Tomcat, Apache Web Server, and numerous other server-side applications. RHQ provides administration, monitoring, alerting, operational control and configuration in an enterprise setting with fine-grained security and an advanced extension model.

Cost: Free opensource.


66. Inspectit – application performance management solution

inspectIT Open source monitoring and performance diagnosis for Java Web

inspectIT is your open source Application Performance Management solution for monitoring and analyzing Java(EE) applications. The Java agent turns on the light in your application’s black box and you can see why the application is slow or not available. A central data repository has all the performance metrics you really need available anytime so that you can stop running around to obtain your information. Import and export functionality of monitoring data allows you to smash the silos in your organization and to improve the information flow between operators and developers.

Cost: free open-source.


67. Supervisord – A Free open-source Process Control System. Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like.


68. Vityl Monitor – View real-time and historical performance across heterogeneous virtualized and physical environments with Vityl Monitor. Ensure service availability by receiving early warning of potential bottlenecks and drill down into details to identify the root cause and correct the problem before it affects users.


69. Zenoss – Unified monitoring platform, built specifically for modern IT infrastructures.


70. Appensure – End User Experience and Application Performance Monitoring by AppEnsure


71. Eventsentry – SIEM, Event Log Management & Windows Server Monitoring

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