If Bill Gates really thinks ctrl-alt-del was a mistake, he should have fixed it himself

This is a new blog category that I’m hoping will enable me to update this blog more often and also be able to share my interests, without having to write a full article. Aka: “To lazy to write a full blog post”. Ha! These post – starting with this one – will be filed under a new category called “Bookmarked”. Its just random articles that I’ve recently read and want to share and save via the act of sharing.

Enjoyed this today and wanted to share…
“Speaking at Harvard earlier this month, Bill Gates was asked why you have to press ctrl-alt-del before you can enter your password and log in to Windows. After explaining the security rationale, Gates then said that it was a “mistake,” and that it was due to IBM refusing to add a single button to take the place of the three finger salute. It’s a nice story, but it doesn’t really add up.” — Bookmarked via Arstechnica.com