Increase Performance and lifespan of SSDs & SD Cards

SSDs (solid-state drives) and SD (Secure Digital) cards have a limited number of writes before they wear out. To get the most out of this storage type lets investigate, then make a few adjustments to maximize the life of your SSDs and SD cards. Article refreshed from 3 years ago.   Using iotop to monitor and minimize […]

Web Server Optimization Services

Are your websites hosted on Linux servers that are frequently inaccessible or slow? Perhaps you’ve already read articles like this, which shows how decreasing page load times can drastically increase conversions. If this interests you, take a look at my Web Server Services page. Also, check out this must-see infographic… (more…)

2100 HDD0 initialization error 1

I’ve noticed an issue on a few IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads. When you install an SSD drive, a reboot or restart from the OS does not work. When you reboot, instead opening the boot partition, it throws this error: 2100 HDD0 initialization error 1 Other than avoiding reboot and using shutdown instead, the only solution I’ve found is […]

10 Thoughts From My World To Yours

…I’ve decided to publish 10 entries from my journal. These and many others are my guiding thoughts which I try to apply daily: — “As gold is refined, so a wise person uses the extreme heat of trials to identify their own impurities and attempt to remove them.” — “Remember, the most confusing persons in […]