Finding Linux Compatible Printers 2019

Here’s all the info and links needed to find a printer or all-in-one printer that supports Linux in 2019. If you don’t want to spend hours comparing printers, have a look at my recommended Linux compatible printers.

Last updated January 20th 2019. This is the promised update as per the comments section below, sorry about the delay! Fixed broken manufacture product links and replaced with Amazon links. Thus, in another 5 years links will hopefully point to newer models, rather than broken or discontinued product pages. Article originally posted May 2014. Good news, pretty much all printers work on Linux these days!

Linux printing basics


Recommended Linux Compatible Printers 2019

HP has the largest selection of Linux out-of-the-box compatible printers, a few I can recommend:

Prices above reflect Amazon pricing, which are subject to change.


Lists & Databases of Linux Compatible Printers 2019


Manufacturer-Specific Installation

HP has the largest selection of free software compatible printers. Some manufacturers require non-free drivers or plug-ins.
(Let me know when the links below begin to break again. These manufactures have heard of redirects?)


Something missing? Please submit high quality Linux-compatible printers below.

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