FIX: Android ICS 4 EMMC Bug (Samsung Galaxy S2)

I’ve been running leaked 4.1 Jelly Bean (CyanogenMod 10) for the last 2 weeks. So today, I told my wife – who’s still on  4.0 ICS) to let me upgrade her SGS2 as well. I’m usually the guinea pig lol. So I went ahead with the wireless backup and OS upgrade which usually takes less than 10 mins. (not as much of a pain as iPhone and esp Blackberry).

Then, in the middle of the update it just stopped! I didn’t make note of where it stopped because I really didn’t think it was that important, because I’ve had zero issues with Android thus far. It was not until I rebooted the phone and noticed that neither the SD card or internal storage would mount. So apps like Waze wouldn’t start and of course ROM Manager kept asking to mount card. So phone boots fine but some apps were not unusable as well as the SD card and internal memory.

First remove your SD card and backup what you need. Then reinsert the SD card and if you can still boot go to System Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > select Erase SD Card > then click Reset phone.

For “me” this resolved the mounting/EMMC issues. Note that this method will obviously cause you to loose your apps etc, you’ll have to re-download them all. So try one of the below methods first…

Install Rom Toolbox from Google Play, launch it and scroll Down to Scripter and open it > Click the + (add icon) and create a script > Put “Emmc” as script name (can be anything) and enter this under commands:

busybox mount /mnt/emmc /mnt/sdcard/external_sd

Save it then select the created script and select to run on Boot > then reboot.

You can also try downloading ICS SD binder. Save the settings reboot then remove settings and reboot.

I did all of this while walking row to row in the supermarket. lol Once I got home I saw this. Hope this helps someone.