Free Nginx (LEMP) AMI – CentOS, Nginx, MySQL & PHP-FPM

NOTE: I’ve moved all of my web sites from AWS. Also, this Free Nginx AMI is no longer supported and has been merged into Nginx’s official AMI. For most, there are better hosting options available in terms of performance & cost. Ask me about StackLinux SSD hosting.

This Amazon EC2 AMI includes the latest Amazon Linux (Centos), Nginx 1.0.15, MySQL 5.1 & PHP 5.4 (PHP-FPM) custom installed and tuned for stability and speed.

top stats - Nginx AMI

Screen of top stats. This AMI is optimized for efficiency and runs fast even on t1.micro.

Leave questions & comments below. For free general support post your questions in the Linux forum: (I usually respond within 5 business days). If you need immediate support, or you don’t want to post your issue publicly, please contact me:

To access my free Nginx AMI, go to…

v1.0.1 – 05/25/2013: Locked down root password with “sudo passwd -l root” as per Amazon’s advice.