Get Super Fast SSD Web Hosting (7 Day Trial)

Speed up your website! SSD cPanel LAMP w/ Nginx hosting.

A few persons have asked about my hosting service. Yes, I do offer paid hosting and its fast, really FAST! Partly because of being SSD (solid state disks) based and largely because of custom tuning the OS to make best use of these SSDs and also custom tuning of LAMP and Nginx. Good reads about SSD speeds here and here.

Here are just a few of the websites hosted on my SSD-based servers:
…and of course this blog. :)

If you are interested comparing site loading speeds with your current host, contact me here. I can provide you with a test cPanel account for 1 week, where you can host anything on there or even migrate your website over to test. If satisfied, then you can make the switch.

Hosting starts at $15 per month with (larger sizes are $25, $45, $85, etc) depending on the number and size of your websites. Also, includes free “remote” weekly and monthly backups.

Wonder how important site speed is to your bounce rate, number of page views per visit and conversion rates? Read here and here.

My web servers are powered by barebones CentOS, cPanel/WHM, Apache w/ Nginx in front, Mysql and PHP with opcode and variables caching – all EXTREMELY stripped and custom tuned for speed and stability!

So far hosting has been by invite only, so when contacting me add as much detail about your needs and even about you. For me hosting also is about building long term relationships with extremely happy clients!

* The featured image above is a screenshot of the cPanel GUI where you can manage everything related to your website(s).