Two MUST have Smartphone Apps!

Here are two must have smartphone apps. If you’re like me and took years before you could start and stick to a well managed budget then the app is for you. If you already manage your money then still take a look at this very simple very extremely powerful free service. I promise, if you’ve never used Mint, it will blow you away. :)


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The seconds app I recommend has saved me much time by making my days more efficient. It’s called Any.DO. Any.DO’s purpose is simple, is makes it easy to capture all the things you want to do during the day and helps you in getting them done. Most importantly you don’t have to spend time learning or managing it, it truly does save you time. Add your 2013 resolutions to Any.DO and you are all set!


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Found these must have smartphone apps useful? Let me know below and I’ll be sure to feature some of the other cool apps that I use on Android.