Micro EC2’s… amazing!

Update December 11th 2013: For small to medium websites and for al-in-one web server setups, I can no longer recommend AWS. I highly recommend DigitalOcean or StackLinux. Amazon EC2 disks are slow compared to SSD and their solutions to improve this are costly.

Tonight I’ve about completed migrating a client’s web site from a shared host to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Its a simple LAMP setup on a Micro EC2 instance. After some tuning, page load times are averaging around 1 second once cached. (imagine results with Nginx!) Also, that’s 1 second with images and Vimeo video. The great thing about this is that its a very simple setup. Still, I’ve found that clients are a bit skeptical or some simply  don’t want to go without cPanel or Plesk. 

Once I’ve changed name servers over to AWS tomorrow, I’ll offload images to CloudFront for a bit more scaling arability.With Micro instances you have to be careful with prolonged high CPU usage. But with the right setup and tuning its not a big issue and if worried you can also setup automated scaling using Elastic Beanstalk

Thinking about migrating to Amazon EC2? You’re already late to the party, jump in!