Monitoring PHP Performance and Diagnosing Bottlenecks

Last week, we took a quick look at PHP-FPM, reducing process manager (PM) overhead and maxing out PHP-FPM’s throughput by attempting to keep processes in-memory using pm.static. However, beyond development server benchmarks, on our production servers, we also want to drill down into all services and components called up by each user’s interaction. This allows us the opportunity to diagnose PHP and other apps for performance bottlenecks, trends and/or errors.

This week, some of the companies who best support this aim sent over a few links to their best solutions for PHP application performance monitoring (APM). I won’t pitch any one solution in particular, but rest assured they are all worth your time! The options below will vary to meet your requirements. Again, as I mentioned before… we all prefer different ways of viewing the same thing.

Instrumental sent over the following reminder: “Instrumental’s PHP monitoring agent allows for custom code monitoring with just one line, costing only $0.10 per metric per month.” In addition to that, have a look at their free plan for Developers which offers up to 500 Metrics and 3 Hours of data visibility.Datadog

Datadog also offers PHP oversight and PHP-FPM integration. In fact, they offer over 200 other integrations.

Use Solarwinds to monitor your PHP application performance to identify and quickly resolve errors. Get detailed distributed transaction tracing and visibility across your application.

Sematext Cloud just updated their documentation page, also offers PHP FPM integration.

Also consider Appdynamics PHP APM, CA Technologies, Dynatrace PHP monitoring, New Relic for PHPZend Sever and Nginx Amplify for PHP-FPM. Did I miss your go-to PHP monitoring solution?… Have a look at the 50 70 Top Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Solutions.

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