20 Top Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring Solutions

UPDATE: 50 Top Server Monitoring & Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Solutions Last Updated May 8th 2019 – Fixed broken links. (including defunct, mergers, acquisitions, or changed links) Back in September I wrote about an article than touched on the subject of server performance monitoring.  Then just last month a LinkedIn connection asked: “I am using New Relic to […]

Server Density: Ops are not machines. Introducing HumanOps

Guest post by Max Zahariadis, Content Lead at Server Density. Sysadmins are not superhumans. They grow tired and get stressed just like everybody else. We all know that sustained stress is detrimental to health. We also know that fatigue impairs our ability for basic problem solving. So the question is: how do you prevent stress and […]

Raspberry Pi 2 Overclock

Updated: 09/22/15 – After 6 months of testing Raspberry Pi 2 Overclock with OpenElec, ArchWipi and Arch LEMP I’ve made some optimizations to the recommended config changes below. These have proven more stable. Also, now even with force_turbo enabled you shouldn’t experience freezing or resets. Enjoy! Also see: My Ultimate Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit! (Important if you are […]

The Sony Hack: An Inside Job. Here’s why…

From day one, as details leaked about stolen system administrator passwords, many of us knew that the Sony Hack had to have been an inside job. The simple reason is that system administrators setup notifications for both denied login attempts and more importantly, alerts for successful logins. These hackers reportedly stole a “System’s Administator’s password” which […]

Zorin Linux – As a Windows XP Replacement

You’ve probably heard about or been affected by the retirement of Windows XP support on April 8, 2014. This wasn’t Microsoft’s first attempt to retire XP. Its just that with so many customers using it, they were putting off the inevitable for quite some time. But THIS time Windows XP is indeed now unsupported. XP was the best of Microsoft’s […]