Temporary change #ArchLinux to #Debian

Update: I’m back on Arch Linux. Debian was great, but Arch is better IMO. Plus, between the front page news, Wiki and the official forum, nothing is impossible to solve or find an existing solution to, fast. I use Terminator (windows can be split as many times as needed) for ssh access to servers (and sometimes use drop-down Yakuake for quick stuff or local bash. After that, I just jump between Chrome and Firefox for the most part …so my needs are pretty simple. :)

Arch Linux + KDE

Starting the year with a new setup, Debian instead of Arch Linux. I’ve had no issues with Arch, but have become bored with it. Its nice starting from scratch because you learn and pick up so much about the best and most popular setups and applications. For example, over the past 2 years I’ve changed from XFCE4 to KDE4, using yakuake much more instead of launching Terminator for everything, switched to UEFI boot with Gummiboot instead of Grub2 or Syslinux and more recently using Kate instead of Medit. So basically with my revisit to KDE4 I’ve found it more capable and satisfying with it’s default set of apps than a few years back. I’m on a capable laptop otherwise Xfce4 would be the better option.

Debian KDE

In the end, when I do go back to Arch (if I do), it will be a completely different build just because of what I’ll find/learn over the next few months using Debian. What Linux distribution are you using primarily? What about DE’s, text editors, terminals, ftp clients, etc?

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Temporary change #ArchLinux to #Debian

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  1. Dear James,

    I started like a Mandrake user, then switched to RedHat. But I really switched to dedicate the whole hard drive to linux with Mepis and become a debian/ubuntu fan.
    But I remain a distro hopper. I tried for some time Sidux, Mint, Fedora, Gentoo/Sabayon, openSUSE/Tumbleweed too.
    At the end I stopped to Arch. For (0) it is a rolling release distro, (1) Pacman, (2) the Wiki, (3) AUR, …
    It is since 2011 I switched to Arch and stay here. I still try many distro in Virtualbox, but I still want Arch.
    I recommend sometimes Korora and Manjaro to my rookie friends.

    speedyx January 18, 2015 at 2:57 pm #
    • @speedyx, you make me want to switch back already. The Wiki and AUR are amazing indeed. One could argue that Debian has comparable documentation but the Arch Wiki is just so easy I find myself using it more than any other distro’s. Or the argument that Debian has more than 30,000 quality binary packages. I like using pacman and/or packer. In a few months I’ll see where I end up. But agreed, Arch never disappoints!

      Hayden James January 19, 2015 at 4:03 pm #

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