PHP performance: oPcache Control Panels

OPcache is a PHP extension which improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request. The extension is built-in for PHP 5.5+ …but, if you are looking to improve PHP performance, the first step should be to use PHP 7+ which […]


I’m in LOVE with #Redis! Make your web apps super fast check out

It’s been a while.

I’ve been doing a lot more Linux, Win2k8 server and AWS work for clients lately. Its been a lot of fun as well as a great learning experience. Two of my most recent clients are… and I hope to be able to update this blog a bit more soon…

Geez, another Firefox update – 5, 6, 7 & 8 in 6 months!

Is it panic mode over at Mozilla? I switched to Chrome about 2 years now but still keep Firefox for ensure certain websites load correctly in all major browsers. By the time I download and upgrade to 8.0.1 there’ll be a 9.0.1 prompting me to upgrade! These are just larger version numbers… the best Firefox is still 3.6.24! :)