Redis Monitoring: Redis-stat and other Redis tools

Popular web services such as Twitter, GitHub, Pinterest, Snapchat, StackOverflow, and others use Redis (Remote dictionary server) because of its ability to deliver small pieces of information VERY quickly. Similar to Memcached, Redis stores data in memory.

When compared to Memcached, Redis can do a lot more. This post contains an updated list of the latest and greatest Redis monitoring tools and resources available.

Redis vs. memcached
Image source: Choosing between Redis and Memcached


Redis Monitoring tools and useful links

Redmon Redis monitoring
Collectd Redis plugin
Percona Redis
AWS Redis
Redis Commander
AppOptics Redis
Datadoghq Redis monitoring
Appdynamics Redis Extension
Instrumental Redis monitoring
Redis Desktop GUI
Redis on Github
Redis Benchmarks and Redis-cli.

Twitter uses Redis and Memcache clusters at an enormous scale: caching users, timelines, tweets, and more.

Github uses Redis as a persistent key/value store for routing information and a variety of other data.

Stackoverflow uses Redis as a caching layer for the entire network.

Airbnb sorts top scores into Redis for consumption by the front end.

For more check out Techstacks.


Originally published: Oct 29th, 2017 | Last updated: August 09th, 2021

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