Using Redis-Stat for Redis Statistics Tracking

Usually to monitor Redis I use redis-cli or redis-stat. I would recommend Redis-Stat. Once installed you simply type redis-stat in server shell and it will display a running log of stats:


Now lets say you want to view these stats using your web browser. You would then start redis using:

redis-stat --server

Now all you have to do is visit and add :63790 to the end. Eg which will then load a stats page smilar to this…

redis stat browser

The above stats are for a Magento client I’ve recently optimized with FPC via Redis backend. Over 2GB of cache after just a few hours. TTL set to 24 hours.

Update: Redis kept growing to 6+ Gigs so I made a quick config change documented here Used maxmemory  & maxmemory-policy to limit Redis to 2GB of cache and then when full it purges all keys LRU.


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